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Sample Game

create a place called "start" for your starting place

place start:"You are in a park.  You see trees to the north and a path to the east"
place trees:"You are in a Japanese garden."
place river_edge:"The path ends at a river"
place in_the_river:"You walk into the river and drown."

start.path trees:north, river_edge:east
river_edge.path in_the_river:east!

image start:"images/park.JPG"
image river_edge:"images/water.JPG"
image trees:"images/trees.JPG"

You can use URLs for images. places are whole words starting with a lower-case letter

north, south, east, west will auto-fill their opposites, unless they end in ! then they are dead ends.

You can make a custom label for a path like: field.path mountain:"Go to the Mountains"